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Also, this Star increases your charm and improves your social skills. Learn how to interpret your chart in awarded book A Course in Chinese Astrology! Free Download WordPress Themes.


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Finally, they are absolutely free, so enjoy this gift. This is an article for symbolic placing method. Peach blossom denotes love. Below there is a chart.

Ba Zi Series – About Peach Blossoms

Check what animal sign you are and look what animal sign is your Peach blossom. When you know which animal is your Peach blossom, you can place a figurine of it or a painting in the appropriate sector. If you really want love, follow all my advices and to enhance, if you like place a figurine of the appropriate animal.

Chinese Astrology: Peach Blossom Flower of Romance

It is good to know your Peach blossom animal because you can also check which of your friends are of the animal sign that is your Peach Blossom. Those people may actually attract more love into your life. You can also check in the calculator when a year, month, day or hour is your peach blossom animal.

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches

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